Community engagement


In 2015, Grassroot developed an app that empowers communities to call meetings. The app already had a small presence in some communities around Gauteng but wanted to reach more people. Our mission was to find a cost-effective, creative way to spread their narrative to more communities and connect with people to sign-up to the app.   



Never being ones to run away from a challenge, we implemented an observation-driven, integrated marketing strategy that enabled us to run and test three different marketing approaches simultaneously.


Firstly, brand ambassadors who live in Kya Sands, an informal settlement in the north-west of Joburg, and Freedom Park, a township in Soweto, went door-to-door to educate community members on the benefits of the app and helped them to sign-up. Secondly, we created posters encouraging people to join Grassroot which we put up at spaza shops, bus stops and on dustbins in Orlando West, Soweto. Thirdly, we used the power of local media to target specific communities.



In only one month Grassroot:


  • Gained over 3 200 new sign-ups

  • Appeared on four radio stations with a combined listenership of 573 000

  • Featured in a local newspaper with a readership of 22 000

  • Appeared on the popular Maggs on Media show ─ the interview was also featured on with an audience of 2.2 million

  • Secured over R750 000 in media coverage


Our approach allowed us to identify the most successful channel to secure sign-ups and empowered Grassroot with a strategy they could roll-out on a long-term basis.